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Putra Muzhafar Putra Muzhafar

“I’m now worry free when it comes to tracking my links because I know, Click Canopy really does takes care of my links.” - Putra Muzhafar

Shann Chai Shann Chai

If your looking for a link tracker. look no further! Click Canopy can not only track your links but you can clone your links
and my favorite it will also provide geo tracking for you so you know where your traffic is coming from. On top of that the support is second to none. - Shann Chai

Short URL Masking, Tracking And Geo Targeted Links

Click Canopy makes it easy for you to create your own short URL.  You simply enter the name you want to send traffic to and away you go.  When you start using your new link and the clicks are rolling in, you'll be able to track them.  Where they come from, top performing and more.  Want to send certain countries to different destinations (maybe pages that have different languages)?  You can do that too with Geo targeting.

Split Testing

Thinking about how different sales page convert?  Turn on the split testing feature and send your traffic to up to four different landing pages.  Click Canopy uses an auto-distribution feature to make sure each one of your pages receives equal traffic.

Password Protected Links

Need a way to protect your links?  Maybe for your customers, VIP's and more.  Click Canopy lets you create a password protected web page before your destination.  The page is hosted by Click Canopy so it only takes seconds to setup and assign a password. Then when someone goes to use the link they are directed to a page that requires a password before continuing.

Facebook Clickable Image Posting

Make your links more visible when you post them on Facebook with an image that can be clicked.  No more having to tell people to click the link below, simply tell them to 'Click Here' on your image in your post.  Easy to setup and a great way to increase interaction.

Audience Retargeting

Use Click Canopy's additional link features for audience and advertising retargeting.  Click Canopy has been designed for adding retargeting pixels, tracking codes and more.  Flexible enough to work with most advertising / retargeting platforms.

Detailed Analytics

Knowing when and where your clicks are coming from is vital to help you indentify sources of traffic for your business.  Click Canopy makes it easy for you to see the top trending locations traffic is coming from.  View geographical locations on a beautiful full color map that allows for zooming in and out.  All the data is presented in a form that even a 'non-techie' can understand but is detailed enough for the professional.

Click Canopy Is Hosted On Our Servers So There's Nothing To Install.  Simply Log In To Get Started Tracking, Redirecting, Split Testing And More!

Harold Burch Harold Burch

Oh boy have I found my favorite link tracker with Click Canopy!! My favorite features are the split testing and retargeting. Thanks for creating this awesome solution Robert.
Harold Burch

Garry Baker Garry Baker

"As an Internet Marketer being able to do things like: create unique short URLs, split testing and rotators, add retargeting to your links, and even password protected links might not be something you think you need... But trust me, you do... And Click Canopy is the one tool I use and trust to do all these things quickly and easily with just a few clicks... It is the "must have" tool inside my IM toolbox and should be in yours as well..." -- Garry Baker


The Click Canopy Hassle Free - Stress Free - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If at any time during your first 30 days you don’t feel that Click Canopy is transforming your clicks and your business, simply contact us via the support button and we will give you a complete refund.  No questions asked.


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